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Aug 23, 2009 8:00am EDT
slammed with rain for hours. thanks for joining us. we're going to look out to where folks are getting ready for thousands of bikers to show up. it's still early. they'll show up and head out for big tigger's third annual hiv/aids ride for life. will mother nature shine down on them after this soaker? the ground so saturated it brought down heavy trees. and we're going to go down to tucker barns who is live in the weather center with the local forecast and the latest on hurricane bill. >>> still going to be some clouds around and we can't rule out the possibility of a rstormbut after or yedaaky'sos ye, ertoday will be a brighter forecast. we'll go right to the satellite radar, a mix of sun and clou, , ill many morning fog but at than it's quietethan d ster aiag a i think just a s a th dermrsunto t nodaoy, not the washingtonout from yesterday. hurricane bill is holding up the progress of this cold front so we'll watch it march to the east during the day. temperatures 71, humidity 81%. winds out of the north and west at 5 miles per hour. the cold front is trying to get through he
Aug 16, 2009 8:00am EDT
getting word of a storm in florida as well. tucker barnes is joining us with the details. >> after months of silence, g w have active weather now. let's go to max hd radar and tain -- take a look. we have three storms here. we have anna, bill, and now we have tropical depression ebem number ur four. nd and air up west that could be claudette. bnd let's go to washington at r.thp nes hioscrth e area. ne across e h and it looks like a nice sunday for us. bright skies expected and very warm temperatures. we'll have highs eventually in the upper 80s and low 90s, so warmer than during the day yesterday. reagan national right now is off to a very mild start. dulles is 71. dwi marshall, 69. no shower or thunderstorm activities. if you plans today, get out and enjoy it and bring some sun tan lotion. high temperature of 91 degrees. i showed you the tropical bas. i'll have more details on the storms coming up. sarah. >> thank you, tucker. >>> and now to a oson the streets of d.c. someone fired into an open crowd hitting 7 people, some of them teen- agers. this morning still no sign of the sho
Aug 9, 2009 8:00am EDT
we're learning a pilot who was watching all of this from the ground did try to use his radio to warn the two, but we don't know if the two received that warning. >>> one of the busiest air spaces in the nation, but smaller aircraft in the area are not controlled by air traffic controllers. they use a special radio frequency informing other pilots about takeoff times and flight routes. this story is still continuing. we'll have any breaking information as soon as it comes in. >>> and closer to home, investigators are looking into what caused a plane crash in carroll county, maryland, killing two people. it happened near the keymar airport in taneytown. the victims' names has not been released. the man flying the plane waisted be a experienced pilot. >>> a group was quarantined in china for over two weeks and the last of the students arrived at dulles airport last night. jennifer davis has their story. >> they still have to clear customs after they get off the bus. >> reporter: four families wait anxiously for their teenagers to arrive from beijing and they see their children looking happy
Aug 30, 2009 8:00am EDT
still be in the 80s, but the cooler temperatures are on the way toward us. i'll have details later. back to you. >>> now to our top story. senator kennedy is reunited with his brothers at lastment his burial at arlington national cemetery capped off four days of heart-felt remembrances. matt acland starts us off with a local sendoff for an american icon. >> reporter: as the late senator's body touched down at andrew's air force base, the final leg of this long goodbye began. under police escort, his casket was escorted first to the united states capitol buildg for a short service at the foot of the senate eps. as the hearse pulled into sight, thousands of hill staffers and members of the public began to applause. [ applause ] >> repter: his long time friend and senior member of the senate, robert byrd of west virginia, even in poor health, was wheeled out to honor his colleague. the service here was short. a prayer, a speech, a song. [ singing ] >> reporter: it was so clear senator kennedy touched so much lives. most everyone admired him for reasons of their own. these three women
Aug 2, 2009 8:00am EDT
warning in effect. that is for the areas to the -- tho e gwe-- to the north of us, including montgomery county, as you can see, and g the south. ll, to this is in effect actually from 2:00 this afternoon until this in evg. as far as or orecast is o irest. concerned, we ralt kingabout today being a whday ere storms are going to kick up into the afternoon hours. be prepared. if you are planning anything outside, you do want to really take heed, because storms are expected to increase and pick up into the course of teaching hours, as well as into this afternoon. so we'll have more details on that. as far as those two tornadoes are concerned, we ended one two tornadoes th were an ef-1 in frederick county. one that was an ef-0 in carroll county. details later. back to you. >> thanks a lot, gwen. here's more on those tornadoes. 100-mile-per-hour winds knocked over hundreds of trees and damaged several houses and cars. one of the y areas hardest hit was a small town in frederick county. fox 5 has a cser lolo at the damage and how the community is coming together. >> reporter: you can see how t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5